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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hello March!

Hello readers I'm back. I've been sick the past few days with what my class calls "the plague". While I was out and under the influence of NyQuil I binge watched the modern version of One Day at a Time and finally saw the Silver Linings Playbook. As usual I cried heavily out of empathy and felt motivated to live my best life for a few days. 

When I found out I was already five days into March I began to panic. I thought by mid-February I would be so much further ahead of my own schedule. I thought I would be 200% ready for my book launch, finished with all my cosplay work for Sakuracon, post videos and vlogs weekly, I expected so much. But alas I forget at the end of the day I'm a single human with the ambition to stretch myself too thin. 

For now I leave you with some advice. Always take care of yourself and find someone that loves you as much as I love friend chicken.


"I am trying to be kind instead of right."
-Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook 

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