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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hello Yet Another Rocky Start

Hello readers, as usual it's been a while. In an ideal world I would've written a post wrapping up January, reflected on the first month into the new year, and set my goals for February. Instead I was swept away but a rushing current and thrust through a whirlwind of wtf is my life moments. These past few weeks I collaborated with professional actors on a short film project for school, got laid off, spent four days with cats, got tricked on camera, and seized the opportunity to perform standup comedy. Also, bulletjournaling has been wonderful. I still highly recommend it. 

Working with professional actors for an overnight shoot has been nothing short of magnificent and I can't thank my crew enough for the work that was put in. The night before the shoot I was going over the storyboard with my bro Michal. I gasped, turned to him, and said "Ohmygod. I wrote this script."

He was confused as to why I was surprised and said "Yeah, you did. And now it's coming to life. Right before our very eyes." 

The next day we were about a quarter mile away from the campsite and I gasped and said "Ohmygod. This is actually happening." And Michal was in an equal state of disbelief. The actors asked me what my inspiration was for the story and I replied with raw and unfiltered honesty about how much I genuinely didn't think my script would get picked and it was just a first attempt at writing horror and stepping out of my comfort zone. All in all I'm happy with the results thus far and will post the final edit on my website and youtube channel soon. 

Weeks later I helped Michal with a short film project. He originally pitched the idea that he would take me to a store that was pink, fluffy, cute, and full of stuffed animals. He also asked my opinion on pink dogs which lead me to believe there would somehow be a cute dog somewhere in the video. Plot twist Michal remade the red/blue pill scene from the matrix but replaced the pills with vibrators. Once I figured out what they were I found this to be absolutely hilarious but for the next two weeks I reminded him on a regular basis how disappointed I was that there was no cute dog. Fortunately I spent four days with a nearly full grown newfoundland dog and several fluffy cats so that made up for it. 

Just when I thought this was the peak of my best life I got laid off and to be completely honest I don't know how to process it. I seldom ever get angry but the moment it happened I was more livid than I had ever been in my life. *Insert Adam Sandler's Somebody Kill Me Please song here* However because of this I am now well versed in understanding contracts, motivated to invest time and effort into a Patreon account, and free to pursue a career that I'm more passionate about. 

In the first paragraph I mentioned the opportunity to pursue standup comedy. There was some miscommunication and one of my friends thought I meant standup comedy when I said I did comic art. He gave me the opportunity to perform live standup at his cafĂ©. Instead of correcting him and saying "oh, no I've never done standup because I have stage fright, I meant I draw comic art." I said "Yeah, I could put something together. Sign me up!" I've been wanting to give standup comedy a try since 2018 so I figured let's see what happens. 


"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."
-Henry Ford 

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